Friday, July 16, 2010


A Savage Lust Book 3 Pride Brothers series.

BLURB:Aria a best selling author of Shape Shifters Are Among Us has unknowingly given inside information about the Prides and the Fae to Humans. Now she must face the wrath of one angry Pride Brother. What will happen when Rio encounters this petite blond? His orders are to kill her but his cat has other intentions.

Aria is a gusty heroine and finds herself in the middle of Pride and Fae males, straight from her novel. Her entire life is a lie. She must fight to survive.


Aria opened the door with the intention of peering cautiously through the gap when it flew open with such force it knocked her down. She pushed up from the floor and sat staring into Aldis's red, swollen face. He slammed the door behind him and stood over her, fists clenched.
"So, you little whore, have you opened your legs for him yet?"
Scrambling away on her hands and knees, she screamed. He lunged at her, grabbed a handful of hair, and dragged her around to face him. Her robe fell open and Aldis grabbed her exposed breast, squeezing the nipple cruelly. She battered him with her fists. "Get away from me; don't touch me."
"You belong to me, bitch." He screeched, sending a stinging slap across her face.
Aria fell back, tasting blood on her lips, tears flowing down her cheeks. He drove forward, crushing her to the floor, sending her breath out in a whoosh. Gasping for air, she screamed at the top of her lungs but this did nothing to stop him. His large, pudgy hand closed around her neck and squeezed. The room went in and out of focus. She fought, desperate and terrified, to take a breath, then his ribcage rolled across her, squashing her under his immense weight. She dragged air in through her bloodied nose and caught the strong smell of whiskey and sweat. He squeezed tighter and the pain sent her into freefall. Her sight blurred. Suddenly aware of his stinking heavy body between her legs, pinning her to the ground, she pulled desperately at his hand. One breath, just give me one breath.
Her ears rang like a million bees buzzing inside her head and blocked out the sound of his rasping, foul breath. She dug her nails into his thick, fleshy cheeks as her sight began to go black around the edges. I'm going to die.

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