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Millionaire, Cooper Merrick's life could not be better. After divorcing his wife, Gilly, he falls into a casual affair with her tennis coach, Troy. However, he lusts after his hot, gym buddy, Jax Strand. Throwing caution to the wind, he divulges his infatuation, delighted when Jax agrees to pursue a relationship − but will their torrid affair continue when he discovers Jax's incredible secret?
Excerpt: OVER 18
Jax ran his hands down Coop's back, making him relax. He bit his bottom lip and pushed back. Jax pushed through the tight ring in Coop's ass, and a tingling sensation ran up both his thighs and into his balls. He moaned in ecstasy as Jax filled him in one hot, delicious slide. Fuck, he felt full and so damn hot, as if flames were licking his balls.

Jax pulled back a little then pushed farther inside. Inch by incredible inch, Coop's ass expanded to take Jax's cock. Jax's warm belly touched Coop's ass cheeks and he quivered with pleasure.

"You've taken all of me; now feel this," Jax said.

The air in the room swirled and the noise of shifting wings filled the room. A deep sensation vibrated inside Coop. It rolled in frenzied tremors from Jax's massive cock. Then Jax moved, plunging in and out in slow, deliberate thrusts, hitting and pulsating across Coop's pleasure spot. Coop began to shake as a delicious throb began to resonate in his balls and rush him to climax. White spots danced before his eyes and he groaned as he spurted in long white streams across the sheets.

"I'll make you blow so many times, you'll think you died and went to heaven." Jax chuckled and continued to push in deeply.

Jax dragged his fingernails down Coop's back. Coop writhed, inhaled the rich, musky scent of his lover; the odor lit a flame of desire and surged in delectable burning lust. Pleasure thrummed through his body under Jax's relentless fucking.

Coop tipped his head back and cried out Jax's name. Jax added a twist of his hips, first one way and then the other, and combined this move with the vibrations from his wings. Coop fisted the sheets in mind-blowing euphoria, and hung his head and watched his shaft come to life in record time. Hell, could he die from this much pleasure?

"You look damn fine, Coop; I've waited a long time for this. A long, hungry time. I can't wait to taste you and suck you dry." Jax bent forward to lick a trail up Coop's back.

Sweat trickled into Coop's eyes, down his cheeks and dripped onto the damp sheets. His legs became like jelly as Jax rode him hard and deep. He fell into kaleidoscope of intense bliss. He could hear Jax in his mind, and fuck, now he could feel what Jax felt as he ground into him, a double dose of intense, mind-blowing sex.

"You feel it, Coop? We're sharing . . . hell it doesn't usually happen. Ride it out with me; come with me, Coop." Jax gasped as he increased the pace.

Coop began to shudder and his balls tightened. Jax's cock had swollen even bigger, and when they both started to climb to ecstasy, the room began to spin. Intense waves of fire shot though his shaft, as Jax finally emptied his load deep inside Coop in long, hot spurts Coop followed him in an endless stream of pure bliss.

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