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After Jackson Moon’s rock star Dom, dropped him for a woman, he enjoyed a variety of Masters. Big Doms, hairy Doms, the spankers, the edge players had relieved his itch, and his need for domination, but he craved that connection again, the special bond with a Dom that went way past trust.

He wanted a Dom to love him.
The way Rogue had.

That special connection that took a sub on a flight of sensation so intense, he never wanted to land, but when he did, he could find love in the strong arms of a man he could trust with his life.

Rogue had loved him, cared for him—left him—crushed him.

What would he do when Rogue walked into Club Depravity? How could he breathe in his scent and survive without him?



Chapter One

Jackson Moon ran his thumb through the condensation covering the glass of water and stared at the reflection behind the bar at Club Depravity. The crowd on the dance floor bounced as one to the heavy metal music thumping from the speakers set high in the ceiling. Reflections from the gaudy mirrored sixties glass ball twisted the men’s smiles into gruesome masks under the colored flashing lights. He looked away, disinterested in blatant displays of happiness and swirled the ice around the glass watching each piece melt away into oblivion much like him of late. Loneliness surrounded him in a crowded club how stupid was that?
Fine, he’d helped his twin brother, Joel, pack his belongings and move into the new home of Reef Anderson, a fucking rock star, and the delectable Master Rhys who happened to be the owner of Club Depravity. Oh yeah, his vanilla virgin twin had stolen the heart of not one but two prime ass Doms and was doing the happy ever after scene. He rolled his shoulders. I’m not jealous.
Although of late, his life as a house sub had become meaningless. In fact, he could pinpoint the exact moment his life had gone straight to hell. It had coincided with the return of his friend, Shayd from overseas with news his old Dom and heartbreaker, Rogue. The lead singer of Alpha Rock would be arriving back in town. He swallowed the lump in his throat and rubbed unconsciously at the ache surrounding his heart. Oh yeah, being dumped by his longtime lover for a woman had sent him into a spiral of self-doubt. He’d seen it happen to other subs and recognized his fall from a rock star’s arrogant sub to the sorry ass on the bottom of the pile of house subs.
At first, he’d enjoyed the variety of Masters. Big Doms, hairy Doms, the spankers, and the edge players had relieved his itch, his need for domination, but seeing his brother so happy with his Doms had made him remember a time he wished he could forget. Joel’s Doms doted on his twin and the scenes his brother had described with them—man they blew his mind. He wanted that connection again, the special bond with a Dom that went way past trust. He wanted a Dom to love him.
The way Rogue had.
That special connection that took a sub on a flight of sensation so intense, he never wanted to land, but when he did, he found love in the strong arms of a man he would have trusted with his life.
Rogue had loved him, cared for him—left him —crushed him.
What would he do when Rogue walked into Club Depravity? How could he breathe in his scent and survive without him?
“Hey, Jackson. Wanna play?”
Reluctantly, he turned his head to inspect the Dom standing beside him. Yeah, he could do the respect thing but he did not intend to do a scene with anyone. Dropping his lashes, he shook his head. “Thank you for asking, Master Dave, but I’m already booked. Maybe next time?”
Dave melted into the crowd at the sight of Shayd strolling toward him. He drew a sigh of relief, although the sight of Rogue’s brother made his stomach drop. They were alike in many ways, the arrogant walk and tip of the head, but Shayd had a voice like dark chocolate, and Rogue had the sexy rasp of a lead singer.
“Well, don’t you look the picture of misery? Point out the Dom who mistreated you and I’ll teach him a lesson in respect.” Shayd slid onto the barstool beside him his eyes flashing with menace. “Talk to me, boy.”
“I’m not your fucking boy, Shayd, and we have been friends far too long for me to call you Master so back off.” He took a long drink of water, licked his lips, and slid around on the barstool to face him. “No one has hurt me. Do you honestly believe I would get myself into any situation I couldn’t handle? I’m not Ben. By the way, how is my innocent cousin handling your dungeon?”
“He is amazingly versatile and willing to try anything.” Shayd waved at the bartender for his usual Scotch on the rocks then turned his attention back to him. “He is more like you than you give him credit for and he has a streak of arrogance I like.”
Wonderful, another love match made in heaven. Excuse me while I gag. “I’m glad you’re getting along. Now, why are you here, Shayd? You should be with Ben not hanging out with me.” He caught the stiffening of Shayd’s shoulders and waited for the ax to fall.
“I’m here to talk to you about Rogue.” As Shayd swiveled to face him, his leather pants creaked. “Why haven’t you returned his calls?”
Anger walked a path up his spine and he snapped his head up to glare at him. He forced out words between clenched teeth. “Back off. You are not going there.”
“Yeah, I am.” Shayd closed one large hand around Jackson’s arm. “I have been dancing around on the sidelines for long enough. Neither of you will discuss the breakup. It’s eating you up and affecting Rogue, which fucks up Alpha Rock and that sure as hell makes it my business. He hasn’t written a song for two fucking years and can’t without you. The band is losing its identity by constantly recording other people’s material.”
Jackson snorted and rounded on him. “Like I give a flying fuck about Alpha Rock. If I wanted to write songs, which I don’t right now, I’d be writing with Reef Anderson, not fucking Rogue. Like, I could be in the same fucking room with that cheating asshole, let alone create a hit single with him.” He pushed Shayd hard in the chest, but he didn’t loosen his grip. “I thought you were my friend? Obviously not. Get the fuck away from me.”
“Why did you split up with him without a face-to-face is all I want to know?” Shayd dragged him off the seat and toward the dungeons. “You are going to fucking talk to me if I have to tie you up for a week.”
Jackson pulled back and slapped him hard across the face. “Yeah?” He turned to the bartender. “Get Rhys, now. Tell him I’m in trouble.”
“Right, call the boss man or is he an in-law now, he’s screwing your brother?” Shayd shook him hard enough to make his teeth rattle. “All I want to do is to get to the bottom of this. Look at you. You’ve lost weight and you don’t give a fuck about anything. How long since you did any work?”
Shaking with fury, he met Shayd’s troubled gaze and swallowed hard. He had been so damn pleased to see him return from the UK and now he wished he’d stayed there. Over his shoulder, he caught sight of Rhys barreling toward them with an expression hewn out of granite.

“Let go of Jackson—now!” Rhys set one large hand on Shayd’s shoulder and glared at him nose to nose. “What the fuck are you doing, man?”

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Rohan Knight thinks all his birthdays have come at once when a sexy blond twink hits on him. He has searched for a delicious man like Cael all his life.
The problem is Nox, King of the Fae, sent Cael to discover who is using magyck unlawfully in the Nomag realm. When Cael finds Rohan is a rogue Pride shifter with ancient magyck, he must use all his powers of persuasion to lure him back to the safety of Other World.


The Great Book of the Prides – Entry by King Blaise of Knight Watch.
There is great speculation that another of our brothers is living in the Nomag realm. Nox came to me with news this day that he has sent Cael the Bronzed to observe the young male believed to be the only son of my cousin Anu and his mate Talia. The male has magyck abilities far beyond most Pride. He will become a danger to our existence if we are not able to bring him home.
Cael has offered to remove him and take him to Other World to monitor his abilities before we welcome him into our realm. He is an unknown quantity, but I am confident Nox will guide him along the correct path, and we will welcome him home soon.

Chapter One
Nox twirled the crystal goblet in his fingers admiring the way the blood-red wine made by the Pride and called Miza coated the glass. He inhaled the rich aromatic fragrance and lifted his chin to meet Blaise’s worried expression. “Have no fear, I have sent Allure the Fair with Cael as brothers they are well equipped to handle a naughty Pride cub. Cael is well versed with the Nomag world and will fit in very well, have no fear.”
“I hold grave concerns. This male has been living alone in the Nomag world since he was a baby, he will not accept our ways or our laws.” Blaise snorted. “You told me how violent the Nomag race is and how they are little better than the scum that live in Druik Void. I cannot in all good conscious allow him free reign in any of our realms.”
“Do you honestly believe he could overpower the magyck of the Fae?” Nox leaned back in his chair and sighed. “We have known each other a long time, Blaise, and it is time you trusted me to deal with this problem.”
“The male is Pride.” Blaise paced up and down the room in an annoying fashion. “He is my responsibility.” He flicked him a long violet gaze. “You have enough trouble pleasing Hawke to deal with this.”
Lady’s blood, he had never seen Blaise so distraught. He smiled. Indeed, Hawke had allowed him a full share of his mate Lydia but he must make frequent returns to Other World to renew his powers. “I please myself, Blaise. Neither Hawke nor Lydia are my mates. I wish sometimes they were, but I am destined to have only Allure and a female yet to emerge.” He smiled remembering his evening with his lovers. “They both understand my time with them is temporary and I must return to Allure.” He refilled his goblet from a glass decanter on a polished side table at his elbow and turned back to Blaise. “Cael alone is more than capable of dealing with Rohan. He has had him under his watchful eye for six months or more.”
“Six months and you only inform me now?”
“Do sit down and I will explain.” Nox sipped the Miza holding the delicious liquid in his mouth a few moments before swallowing. “You do remember the time Rio went to the place the Nomags call London? He went to destroy the threat and came home with a mate?”
“Yes, and I do not have a problem with my memory, Nox.” Blaise sat in the chair opposite and raised one dark eyebrow. “This Nomag world is on a different continent, so how did you find him?”
It would seem, you are a child still, but then I am five hundred summers old. “I have the ability to feel magyck, and some Nomags process a little but have no knowledge of how to access that part of their minds, rather like some of you.” He chuckled. “However, I can see magyck as you see the wind blowing through the trees and know from which way it hails. The moment, I returned to Other World, I had Fae scrying in the direction from whence it came and after some time we found Rohan.”
“Do go on, I would like to know why, as we are such close friends, you decided to keep this information from me?” Blaise poured a glass of Miza then glared at him. “This is not like you, Nox, what are you hiding from me?”

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Rock' N' Leather & Highlander in the Mist place 3rd in Comp

So excited that two of my books placed in the Easychair Bookshop Competition.

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RELEASE DAY PARTY- Taming His Pup by H.C. Brown

When Ben Moon visits Club Depravity with his cousin and house sub, Jackson, he doesn’t know his quiet life is destined to change forever.

Shayd, the bad boy lead guitarist for the rock band, Alpha Rock is back in town. He is looking for a nerdy twink to take to his dungeon and Ben is just what he craves. Using Jackson as his go-between, he seduces the vanilla nerd and trains him to become the sub he has always craved to collar.

Reader Advisory: Fasten your seatbelt for a ride on the wild side.


Angular fragments of light flashed in the world of darkness behind the silk blindfold. The delicious scent of warm, musky male intoxicated Ben Moon, and sent a shiver of anticipation through his jaw. He pulled at the soft leather strands securing his hands to the headboard, and pushed his throbbing cock toward the Dom pinning him to the bed with his muscular body. The man’s nipple rings grazed his aroused flesh sensitized by every movement over his body. A moan of needy desperation garbled in his throat under the fragrance of exotic male and wild leather, coaxing him to the edge of climax. Pleasure-pain scored a path over his flogged buttocks, but he wanted so much more. He wanted this man, over him, under him, in him.
He wet his lips and ground his hips against the thick cock pressing hard against his thigh. The Dom’s second-skin leather pants hid nothing of the size of the prize he craved to taste. A deep chuckle rumbled in his Dom’s chest. Peppermint breath caressed his face, and an inquisitive tongue traced a devastating path across his lips. He raised his chin to capture his elusive mouth. The need for his kiss tingled along every nerve ending and spiraled downward to curl around his balls. “Please. I can’t take any more.”
His Dom closed his hot mouth over one tingling flat nipple. His Dom used his teeth to torment the tender bud into a tiny peak before moving to the other. Ben arched into him wanting the pain.  Bite me. Please bite me. His Dom moved his damp flesh over his belly in a tantalizing slide. Trapped in darkness, he quivered at the unexpected touch of his warm hand palming him as if testing his arousal. A strand of his sleek hair brushed the fleshy crease between his belly and standing cock. His Dom teased the tip with the pad of one thumb circling over the dewy slit. He gasped, hovering on the brink of orgasmic delight.

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Millionaire Zack Daniels erotic dreams about an 18th Century English Lord who once owned his house, leads him to search for more information on Alexander. His information sends him to the wine cellar to search for a secret passageway.

The next moment, he time slips to 1775 and comes face to face with the man of his dreams.

Available iTunes and Barns and Noble.


Zack Daniels tangled his fingers in his lover’s mass of blond hair and dragged him to his mouth. He ran the tip of his tongue over his soft lips and kissed the corners of his smile. He understood their time together was limited and slid Alex’s willing body over him. “Ride me.”

“You, good sir are the most unconventional man I have ever had the pleasure of bedding.” Alex dropped long lashes over his remarkable blue eyes and wet his lips. “Although, it would seem you, my love, are doing the bedding.” He eased his slippery hole over Zack’s aching cock and sat up moving this way and that to drive him insane.

His gaze moved over the man’s handsome face, the long curls cascading around his shoulders, and down his pale torso. He gripped his small rounded hips enjoying the smooth flesh under his palms. He craved this unique person every waking minute. “I’m going to ride you to hell.”

“Please do.” Alex’s full lips curled into a smile.

He rolled his hips, driving deeper into paradise. Flames of passion licked his balls and curled deep inside him. Emotion rolled over him, and he clung to him, needing to be so much closer. He inhaled his lover’s fresh, musky scent, and dug his fingers into his white skin enjoying his sweet moans of delight. To fuck a man from a different time and teach him the many ways one can pleasure another and have him so willing to learn had been a dream come true.

So close, so close, the pleasure built sending heat flowing up his throbbing shaft. He gasped and lifted his hips to drive in deeper.

He heard knocking somewhere in the fog of desire, followed by a familiar voice of his assistant, Will Johnson.

“Alex, it’s past eight and the auction starts at ten. “ The curtains opened flooding the room with light. “If you plan to bid on that painting, you must get up.”

With a groan of denied release, Alex gazed at the catalog propped up on his nightstand. The cover held the image of an 18th Century portrait of Lord Alexander Swift. His attention went to the handsome face, his sad eyes and drifted down to his full tempting lips. God damn it, he could still taste his lips, and the scent of him lingered on the bed linen. He had to have the portrait of his dream lover no matter what the cost. With a moan, he tossed back the covers and slid from the bed. He ran his fingers in a caress across the catalog. “I’ll see you soon Alex.”

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Welcome Jennifer Denys and BDSM Weekend.

BDSM Weekend (Manor of Decadence 2)
By Jennifer Denys
Approx. 31,000 words


A weekend of BDSM activities for beginners. That was what James Shaw had booked at Lindsey Park Manor. He was now anxious about telling his wife, Caroline. In the past, they had tried out various implements at home, and were keen to take it further—even considering joining a ‘swingers’ site—but it was quite daunting doing anything with others! And then a shock awaits them on arrival in the form of James’ best friend.

As they progress through the various events—cropping in the stables, fellatio in the ballroom, and an unusual fox hunt—they have to deal with animosity, jealousy and the dropping of inhibitions, as all of them grow in their knowledge of a lifestyle which is exciting, yet challenging.

Just as the dynamics of their threesome change considerably, a further surprise awaits them at the end of the weekend.


Why set your story in an English country manor?

*laugh* Do you realise how many double entendres you can get from an English stately homes? In my story a riding crop is used in the stables – but not on the horses! A private tutorial is undertaken in the ‘Master’s Study’. A swing in the garden is part of a group activity – but there are no children in sight. And a fabulous ball takes place in the ballroom – with the emphasis on a different type of ‘balls’, to name but a few.

Are you going to do more stories set in Lindsey Park Manor?

Oh yes, as there is a secondary story that is going to ‘arc’ throughout the rest of the series – but I can’t say any more as it relates to a surprise discovery by the main characters in the first book.

Is it a real stately home?

Nope, just based on every one I’ve ever visited (and I watched Downton Abbey VERY closely in the last series!). But it is set in Lincolnshire and called Lindsey Park Manor after the districts of East and West Lindsey in that county. I looked at a map and found a nice big common/forested area in one of those areas and used that as the grounds for the estate.

There’s a map in the front of the book – tell me about it.

I drew it to help me when I was writing the story – and had great fun thinking about what buildings there were likely to be around a manorial estate. When Luminosity Publishing accepted my story, I asked if it was possible to include the map in the book to enhance the story and help the reader as the characters made their way around the estate. I was delighted when they said yes – and they did a wonderful job with my original drawing.

Are there any manors in England that put on BDSM events?

*sigh* If only! If anyone is aware of any – let me know!!

Is this your first story set in England?

No – the first book in this series ‘Kink After Dinner’ was written as a short taster story for this series (Manor of Decadence) and, although it isn’t set in the Manor, it has several references to what takes place there.

What else have you got planned for future stories at Lindsey Park Manor?

Hanging from the laundry racks, role play in the servants’ quarters, feather play in the aviary, bondage from a four poster bed, spanking over a sawhorse in the carpenter’s workshop… oh, were you asking about the plot?

*wink* you’ll have to wait and see!

Buy links:

Series info

Kink After Dinner’ is the first book in the ‘Manor of Decadence’ series – a short story written as a taster story with references to Lindsey Park Manor, the setting for ‘BDSM Weekend’.

Description of main characters:

James Shaw – 33, dark hair, slightly curling at neck, fit but not hunky, 5ft 10, grey eyes, to become the dominant in the threesome

Caroline – 32, long blonde hair, good figure, fit, tall – 5ft 8, blue eyes. Strong willed, takes quite a bit for her to accept James’ dominance.

Mark Fuller - 30, 6ft, very hunky, looks like a male model with light brown hair with highlights, chiselled cheekbones, green eyes.

Author bio:

Jennifer is a bestselling author in various genre (BDSM, contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, with historical and fantasy in her works in progress) with several different publishers.

An Englishwoman through and through, she lives in a beautiful historical city and is game to try most things once. She’s had a tattoo done on her calf, flew down zip wires 100 feet up in the trees, and was photographed nude by a professional photographer. All of which have taken place since she turned 50!

Many of her experiences end up in her books… but you will have to read them to find out what!


“My dear, you don’t strike me as particularly submissive.”
James held back a smile—well, a smirk, actually—at the comment Master George just gave Caroline. The Master of Lindsey Park Manor was spot on.
After leaving Mark, they had gone to the reception desk to make their workshop bookings and then went for a walk outside to allow Caroline time to calm down. By the time they reached the fountain she was able to laugh at the statue of the sea monster in a clinch with a buxom woman. They then made their way to the Master’s Study on the ground floor for their private tutorial. It was a good opportunity to ask burning questions with just him, Caroline and the Master.
Glancing out of the corner of his eye, James saw his wife flushing deep red at this criticism.
“Don’t get me wrong, Caroline. There is nothing wrong with you if you are not submissive. However, have you considered a role as a Dominant? Or even someone who can switch from one who follows, to one who leads, and back again?”
Caroline looked at James in confusion. It matched his own feelings. Neither of them had considered Caroline in any other role—at least not in bedroom activities.
James sat forward. “I’m not sure I understand, Sir. Are you suggesting Caroline carries out BDSM—wields a whip or whatever else—with someone else?”
Master George responded. “Not unless she wishes to. Since Caroline has shown a distinct lack of submissive behaviour since you entered the room, I was wondering how you felt about her taking the role of the Dominant over you?”
Leaping to his feet, James cried, “You have to be kidding!”
Waving a hesitant James back in his seat, Master George continued, “I didn’t mean to offend you. I wanted to see how important it was to you to be the one in control—and judging by your reaction, it clearly is. As Caroline’s only reaction was to gasp in shock, rather than exclaim in delight at my suggestion, I gather this had never entered her head.”
Settling down again, James ran a nervous hand through his hair. “It didn’t enter mine, either,” he muttered, to himself as much as to the others in the room.
Although no shrinking violet, Caroline had naturally assumed the submissive role in their bedroom activities. Out of it, she was just as likely to tell him what to do. Now he was thinking hard about whether he could let Caroline top him.
Jesus! Can I lay there and let her spank me? Or more?
Caroline entered the conversation, staring at James as she spoke to Master George. She always knew exactly what he was thinking. “It has never occurred to us before. And, despite being fairly strong-willed, it isn’t something I want to do.”
“And that could be because your current roles are most suited to your personalities,” continued the Master. “So my next question is, how experienced are you in the ménage? Do you frequently enjoy sexual dalliance or use implements with others?”
Caroline went even redder if that was possible. “We—we’ve never done anything with anyone else—always been happy just to practice with each other. The point of coming here was to learn more. Maybe see others also trying it out, and not feel we are freaks in any way, if that makes sense.”
Master George nodded his head knowingly. “I can understand that entirely. It is the reason we organise these weekends. The intention of the tutorials is to analyse where you are in your discoveries into alternative sexual practices, and make you think about where you can go from here. Do feel free to experiment while you are here. That is the purpose of your visit, after all. However, don’t feel pressured into doing something either of you do not want to do. Our policy is always that it must be consensual.”
James had got over his earlier shock and found the Master’s words to be thought provoking.
Their host hadn’t finished. “Now, what about letting others into your play? Do you know anyone else who is here?”
Before James could react, Caroline adamantly declared, “Absolutely not!” His lips quirked at her outburst.
Master George sat back in his chair, his hands clasped with forefingers against his lips in a reflective pose. “Can you elaborate, my dear? Do you simply refuse to contemplate any outsiders, despite the fact you said you wanted to watch others in their activities, or is it that you are not familiar with anyone else and that puts you off?”
As Caroline glanced at James he just raised his eyebrows at his wife. She had to get herself out of that one.
She stuttered as she answered, indicating her nervousness. “We—we do know one other guest, Mark Fuller. I would feel very awkward doing things with him. In some ways it would be easier with strangers.”
James nodded. He actually agreed with his wife. At the same time, he felt very sad for Mark and wondered if his friend would find someone else with whom to hook-up. His mind strayed then, and James started thinking about Mark having sex with Caroline. He grimaced. Although he quite liked the idea of watching her with other men, it didn’t feel right her doing it with Mark. It might make things awkward for their friendship afterwards.
“So, James,” Master George was talking to him and James started, realising he had to concentrate. “Let’s consider that. How do you feel about involving others in your play if they are strangers?”
Glancing at Caroline, James saw her give a slight shrug. It was one thing to joke about doing it, but quite another when it was presented to you as something that could well happen. “I think we would talk about it first. We’ve always discussed these things together. But we might possibly do it.”
“Very good. People in general would find a lot out about themselves if they opened up more,” stated the Master rather enigmatically. He was writing in a large, ornate notebook. “I will see what I can arrange.”
James’ heart leapt in his chest. Jesus! What have we let ourselves in for?

Hotter excerpt!:

“Hey man,” called James. “You’re not going, are you? I wondered if you and Caroline fancied having some action.”
Mark’s jaw dropped. He was thoroughly shocked. It took a few seconds before he could speak. “You’re kidding me?”
“If you don’t want to, it’s okay. Caroline and I discussed it earlier before the treasure hunt and decided to suggest it if we saw you, as it’s something we had considered doing with others. It’s clear you want Caroline, but might be too afraid to say, and as this weekend is about trying out new things, we thought we’d ask you,” explained James as he relaxed in his chair, stroking Caroline’s thighs. “The only stipulation is no penetration.”
“And Caroline agrees, too?” Mark’s voice was very wobbly.
She shrugged and grinned. “I’m game if you are.”
“Get your clothes off, Caro,” demanded James, pushing her off his lap.
Jumping up, she quickly undressed. Mark continued to stand there flummoxed.
“Come on, or are you scared?” Caroline moved onto the bed, lounging in a provocative pose, stroking her naked breasts.
Hell no! “Well, if you two are okay.”
Climbing onto the bed a little tentatively, Mark felt like he had been set up and they were about to jump up crying out, “April Fool.”
“Err. What shall we do?”
He looked over at James. It seemed natural to ask his advice.
“Well, since she is nude, why not suck her clit? Do that and you are on her Christmas list for life.”
Does that mean Caroline has done this before?
His friend chuckled. “Mark, your face is so expressive. No, this is our first time doing it with anyone else—at least, since we met. I just know how much she loves it. She’s as nervous as you are. It’s just that Caroline is a very good actress.”
He looked at Caroline. Her cheeks were a little flushed, either from the champagne, or because she was embarrassed, he wasn’t sure which.
“Don’t take too long, mister, or we’ll ask someone else!” She settled on the bed, opening her legs wide. If she was uncertain, she sure didn’t show it. Moving in between them, Mark stared at her gorgeous pink pussy.
Shit. I’m about to give Caroline cunnilingus!
As he hesitated she made a sound and he lifted his head wondering if she was about to tell him to go. Instead, she grabbed his hair to pull him down to her.
James demanded. “Get on with it, bro, or she’ll turn on you! Just be gentle, she had a pounding earlier today.”
He went back to the lovely pussy lips beneath him with some trepidation.
Neither of them seemed to have any problems. No one raised any concerns or protested. The only issue now was him. It was a far different proposition to steamily kissing her lips to kissing her other lips!
You’ve done this to countless other women. Caroline is no different.
Taking a deep breath, he settled down, leaning over her right leg.
“Caro, widen your legs some more, I want to see this action,” requested James from his chair.
She lifted her head and growled at her husband, startling Mark. “You bloody widen them. They are aching too much from this afternoon in the boathouse, and then running around the estate.”
“Shall I go?” Mark asked solicitously.
It was his turn to get Caroline’s full glare.
James thumped him on the back, making him jump up from the bed.
“No, you idiot. I didn’t mean you to get up. Just move over,” James requested. “Once I’ve given her a spank for her attitude, I’m going to hold her legs apart. Caro, shift around the other way.”
Mark watched as Caroline moved to lie horizontally across the bed and James stood at her head pulling his wife’s knees so they bent back to her stomach. He saw that it was easier for him that way as he could kneel at his side of the bed.
As Mark started to dip his head again, James cried out, “Hang on a moment.” After giving his wife her due punishment, James then tipped his drink until the liquid ran onto Caroline’s pussy.
“Ahh! It’s cold.”
“Stop being a pussy and open that pussy, my girl.” James laughed at his joke and lifted his glass, drinking the remainder.
Mark moved back in and ran a finger along Caroline’s glistening labia, and then raised it. Sniffing it like a connoisseur first before tasting it. “Very nice. I can taste earthiness, with a hint of lime, juniper and sex. I think I’ll go back for seconds.”
James chuckled, while Caroline demanded, “Well, get on with it then!”
“Give her another slap if you wish, Mark, she has been entirely too mouthy this evening,” declared James.
He raised his eyebrows and did as his friend suggest, eliciting an “Ow” from the woman beneath them.
“Serves you right, sweetheart. Lie back and think of England,” directed the man standing at the side.
Mark laughed as he dipped his chin and lapped at her pink lips.
When he starting nibbling her, she jerked. “Don’t do that!” he yelled in panic. “I might bite you by accident.”
“Keep still, Caro,” demanded James gruffly as he put his drink down to hold her legs back out of Mark’s way.
Her answer was to groan in frustration.
Moving in again, Mark was a little hesitant.
“Use your mouth, not your teeth,” was the suggestion from his friend. Actually, it was more of an order. James had somehow become more dominant since they arrived.
Good advice. He didn’t want to hurt Caroline, so Mark nudged in until he could locate her clit, sucking deeply.
The noise he made sucking always amused him, but Caroline’s cry as she pressed upward drowned it out. “Oh God.”
“Is that good, Caro?” asked James in a mocking tone, seeming to enjoy the show from above them.
Grinning broadly, Mark raised his head.
She responded immediately. “Nooo!”
“Don’t be impatient. I have other things to do while I’m down here.”
Pressing her thighs even further apart so he could see more clearly, Mark played with her pussy entrance, opening it between a thumb and forefinger of one hand as he inserted the index finger of the other. Pushing in, he turned his hand so he could rub the inside of her vaginal wall, knowing this was often a sensitive spot for many women.
He wasn’t expecting her to jerk upwards violently with a yell. He glanced upward at James wondering if he had done something wrong.
James chuckled. “Yep. You got the right place.”

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why can't you write?

Do you wake up every day with the intention to write and then make  an excuse, any excuse not to sit down and commit ? 
Today, I'm going to look into why this happens and how you can prevent wasting time.

Self- doubt.

First and the most reason is self-doubt in your ability to produce the quality of story a publisher will expect.
To conquer this fear you must take a long hard look at the criticism you've received. Is it warranted  and constructive or have you read a review from a site that bullies authors?

It is a fact of life that not every reader will like your work, just the same as  not everyone enjoys the same TV shows.
Ignore the catty, bullying reviews because  some people out there  get their kicks writing bad reviews in an attempt to ruin sales. There is always that one star review and catty comment in amongst the twenty 5 star reviews isn't there? The problem is it's the one star review we all seem to worry about. You will never please all of the people all of the time, so concentrate on the positives.

Use constructive criticism to your advantage and if you have received feedback from a declined submission use it to your advantage. If a publisher has taken the time to write a personal rejection they think you are worth the time to help. Use this advice to improve your work.

How can you improve?

Join a critique group of PUBLISHED authors.
Join RWA

You are a great writer but you can't get your book published....why?

Get a thick skin and stop looking at your book as your 'baby'.  Publishing is a business and unless you have a story that will sell, very few will take the risk of losing money no matter how well your book is written.

Finding the right publisher.

Horses for courses.....research, research. Take the time to look at a publisher's bestsellers lists to gauge their reader base. If your genre is in the top five, you have a better chance of publication.
Read the submission guidelines and stick to them.
Don't rush. Submitting  an unedited , unpolished manuscript  the moment you have finished is a recipe for disaster. SLOW DOWN....put the document away for two weeks, change the font then read it through again and you will be aghast at the mistakes you find.

Stop making excuses.

Authors lives prevent  writing,  arguments, worry, and family problems are all on the list but the most common is waiting on a submission/ pitch.

To avoid this and "writer's block" which is all of the above  set a time to write within the boundaries of your busy life. If it's Saturday afternoon or every day of the week. Set the time and stick to it  just as you would if you had to work for that number of hours.

Don't allow social media to  creep into your writing time. Promotion is a part of our lives  so set a time limit and stick to will still be there tomorrow.

So you still can't write.

If you have started a story read through the last chapter and this will spark your imagination. If the story is boring you.... it will bore the reader and the acquisitions editor too, so  start a new story.

Always begin a new story the moment you send away a submission....forget about the submission and keep working.
Even if you write one paragraph a day or session it will build your confidence and just write...don't worry about editing. Keep the flow going and you will write better than ever before.

 I've lost my Muse.

Listen to music, read, observe the world, read newspapers  I have found reading submission calls will help as well.

 Relax and a story will form in your mind.

Then's what you do best after all .

H.C. Brown