Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ignore Review Trolls

You know one of the most hurtful things a person can do to another is bullying. Of late, it seems being published is the criteria for an attack by bullies on Amazon in particular but they appear on other sites as well. We as authors have endured this on Goodreads by turning the other cheek and leaving. I'm not sure if the people or group doing this have a secret agenda or they are attacking authors to damage sales and/ or reputation. Some of the remarks in reviews are proof the person hasn't read the story. I've seen reviews slamming the author because they don't like the cover, one star, another who gave one star because they didn't like the blurb. Then they get personal, saying the author has no experience in the field and therefore has no right to write the story. They tout themselves as "experts" in the field and by their comments it's obvious they haven't a clue. Allowing reviews without the reader actually purchasing a book gives these trolls the ammunition they need to bully authors.
The problem is, GR and Amazon refuse to remove trash talking, author bullying reviews. I'm not talking about a person who has read a book and didn't like it, that is their honest opinion but a troll writes a review to hurt and belittle.
I've seen and experienced the results of bullying, mainly it causes depression and removes the desire to write. As authors we need to write, its a compulsion. We share our stories, our gift, in the printed word just as our ancestors passed on stories around a campfire before the availability of books.
What can you do if you're being bullied on FB? Go here:
If you're a reader and you want to support your favorite author, post a review. A small thing to do to counteract trolls.

If you're an author, I know its difficult to keep going after a vicious attack but don't let them win. Stay strong and keep writing. Read the hundreds of constructive reviews from genuine readers and don't allow one bad apple to spoil the barrel.
You are not alone.
((((((HUGS)))) HC

Friday, July 15, 2016


Sizzling Time Travel, M/M, M/M/M BDSM Erotic Romance.

It is 4300 and life on a distant planet as a Dom with an endless supply of delicious hot and oh so willing subs is a dream come true for Deon Winchester, especially as his enhancements have made him insatiable.
Oh yeah, he can last all night and performing in front of a few exclusive and well-paying patrons is a big turn-on, but Deon craves the love of a boy of his own. Problem is—his contract forbids any form of a relationship. He wants out and must convince his friend, Arjun, to escape with him.
If they succeed, will the BDSM scene on Earth be ready for two insatiable edge playing Doms from the future?


Tye tipped his head back, and his face held an expression of bliss. His full mouth opened slightly, and his tongue flicked out to wet his lips. Deon sat on the side of the bed and slowly caressed his thighs. He slid his hands around his buttocks, spreading him and sinking his fingers deep into the soft flesh. “Do you like it rough, Tye?”
“Oh yes, Apollo … yes.”
This one would enjoy spanking. He lifted him across his knees. Tye’s hard nipples pressed against his thigh, and his silky hair brushed his legs. Inhaling his rich, masculine scent, Deon pushed his mind into the character of Apollo. He needed to provide the ultimate experience in the hope that Jamil would give him more assignments like this one. He ran his hand over Tye’s back in a long, sensual caress and cupped his muscular bottom again. He squeezed. He had such smooth skin, unmarked and the color of alabaster. The Commissioner’s son had never received discipline.
Deon stroked him from knee to thigh then took his time exploring the cleft of his ass. He used one finger to probe his tight hole, finding him stretched and ready for fucking. Interesting. Have you just removed a butt plug? Never mind, I will stretch you more than ever before. Tye moaned under his touch, and his pale skin pebbled into goose flesh. He pressed his fingers into the muscles of the man’s thighs. “You are a very bad boy to seek a droid lover. You should have a boyfriend to please you. I think I should punish you.”
“Yes, I’ve been bad.” Tye lifted his hips. “Punish me, Apollo.”
“Oh, I’ll punish you, pup.” Deon chuckled. “Then I’m going to fuck you… You do want me to fuck your tight ass, don’t you?”
He spanked him along each thigh, lingering on the sweet spot where the buttocks met the leg. Alternating harsh slaps with slow, soothing strokes of his hand. The loud smacks echoed around the room, punctuated by Tye’s shrieks of delight. By the time he moved to his bottom, he was writhing in ecstasy. Handprints covered his flesh, and his skin glowed like a ripe peach. He reached for a tube of lube and applied a generous amount to his tight hole. Sliding his fingers inside, he finger fucked him slowly until Tye trembled against his knees.
Deon groaned. Tye’s scent filled his nostrils, and his cock pressed hard into his belly. His temperature rose, sweat coated his body. I must find release. Deon dipped his fingers into his hot ass and found his pleasure spot. He caressed the grape, and the boy jerked and cried out. He removed his finger. “Do you want me to stop? No? I think you enjoy punishment.” He jammed his thumb into his ass.
“You take me so close to climax and yet deny me release.” Tye lifted his head. “Fuck me, Apollo, fuck me now.”

Thursday, July 7, 2016

My day, H.C. Brown

A lot of people ask me how I keep track of multiple genre WIP at one time. I use a whiteboard. I've used all sorts of organizers, notebooks, post it notes, programs etc. etc to keep track of ideas, odd scenes, characters names etc. All of them meant loosing my train of thought and leaving the manuscript to look up whatever I needed. As I work on different projects at the same time, I need a memory jog mid sentence sometimes. Going old school and using a whiteboard, works so well. At a glance I get the information/ research, color of someone's eyes etc in a second. It really makes my life easier.

Two new releases on the horizon:

15 July: Insatiable, M/M BDSM

20 September :Master Luke, One Night in a Dungeon Anthology.

Hugs, HC