Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hot New Release- Truth or Dare Club Depravity 7 + AO Excerpt

Truth or Dare, Club Depravity 7

Blake Davenport, the lead guitarist of Satan’s Army, is obsessed with a fan who attends every concert and stares at him with expressions of unbridled lust. He convinces the band to hold a “Meet and Greet” before they go on stage in the hope of meeting his sexy fan.
His dreams of taming the delicious red-haired man fall flat when Syn, the bass guitarist, recognizes him as his straight friend, Rohan. Refusing to give up, Blake sidesteps the fact, Rohan is not only straight but also Mistress Valerie’s sub and makes it his business to prove the very hot fan is not only gay, but in desperate need of his expert guidance.
 Reader Advisory: Join in a game of “Truth or Dare” Dom style.


Chapter One

Blake Davenport loved the caress of leather on his bare flesh, the way it outlined his package and hugged his hips in a soft caress. Its silky gloss and smell was part of him and had been for five years. As he leaned against the wall of his dressing room and pressed his heated flesh against the cold, white brick, he gazed languidly at his reflection in the mirror set above the dingy table holding his stage makeup. As usual during sex, his mind went to the man he craved and couldn’t have. The auburn-haired fan with the piercing green eyes had sat in the audience during every concert on the tour and like some lovesick pup, the moment he went on stage he’d look for him in the audience. Sure, he’d sent his manager to invite him and a few other guys to party with the band and the fan’s constant refusals grated on his nerves. He tossed his hair and stared into the mirror. Oh yeah, he looked fucking good. He had fame and money, and usually only needed to crook his little finger to make a man come running, but not Tall, Built, and Fascinating. The delicious man obviously liked his music, so what else did the elusive hunk need—a damn hand written invitation?
  The fan kneeling in front of him sucked his throbbing cock with relish and bobbed his head in time to the beat of the warm-up band. The clink of his teeth against his cock stud sounded like a tambourine. His preconcert BJs had become a tradition and people including women, lined up offering their services. He preferred the pretty boys with full ruby lips. Oh yeah, he couldn’t imagine a better way to soothe his concert nerves. Hmm, watching a sweet mouth wrapped around his cock, filling their throats with his cum, and seeing the gratitude in their eyes. Fuck, he’d become a consummate asshole—he’d never bothered to ask their names. None had come close to the warm mouth he craved, needed, fantasized about relentlessly. Thank God, the manager of Satan’s Army was more than a little conscientious and made it very clear any fan joining him or any of the other band members in the dressing rooms had paperwork clearing them of any health issues. He smiled. At every concert they lined up waving their documents, but Sol, his manager understood his needs and sent his type of boy along each night.
He closed his eyes and fell into the darkness of wicked desire, convinced his shaft slid into the hot, wet, temptation of his elusive auburn-haired stranger. He inhaled the rich musky scent of male musk and his groin heated in a rush to climax. Grasping handfuls of the fan’s hair to hold him in place, he rolled his hips.

“Swallow every drop, boy. I don’t want cum ruining my pants.” He heard a groan of approval and forced his dick to the back of the willing man’s throat. His balls tightened and heat rushed up his shaft. “Oh yeah, take all of it. Drink me down.” He spilled in long gushes then slumped against the wall.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Welcome Angel Ray and an excerpt from the HOT New Release Mama's Boy No More

MAMA'S BOY NO MORE is the newest erotic romance from Angel Ray and is the second edition in the Cougars & Cubs series from Luminosity Publishing.


Madison Avery, a divorcee nearing forty, is hesitant to get back into the dating scene until she meets David Mayers, a much younger man, through an online dating site. He is kind of on the nerdy side, but she doesn’t mind. However, there is one problem—David is a devout “mama’s boy,” who still lives with his overbearing mother while he goes to college. At first, she doesn’t feel this is a deal breaker, especially since her ex was a bit of a “mama’s boy” himself with an overbearing mother of his own. But then she has a nasty first meeting with David’s mother, Debbie, and she begins to wonder if their relationship is worth the trouble, especially given their age difference. However, Madison discovers she has true feelings for David.

Will she find a way they can be together in spite of his overbearing mother and make him cut the apron strings once and for all?

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Madison unlocked the front door to her house and walked in. David followed her into the house and stood to the side as she closed the door behind him. Then, without warning, she grabbed David and kissed him full-on on the lips. David was startled beyond belief as he just stood there and allowed her to manhandle him the way she was doing. He still didn’t stop her when he felt her tongue slide into his mouth and entwine with his. He loosened up and returned her kiss. This wasn’t his first time kissing a girl, but it was by far his most passionate kiss with a woman. Madison drew her head away from his and gazed lustfully at him.
“David,” she cooed, “have you ever made love to a woman before?”
David was taken aback by her question. At first, he didn’t want to answer her, but then he glanced away and gave a terse shake of his head. Feeling emboldened, she drew her face closer to his and said in an even sultrier tone, “Would you like to make love to me?”
Again, David wasn’t sure what to say, so he just stood there and gawked at her like a horny idiot.
“Please say yes,” she said to him, her face so close to his he could feel her warm breath hitting his face.
Before he realized what he was saying, he muttered, “Y–yes.”
She grinned widely at him. “Good boy!”
She stepped away from him and pointed in front of her. “Go stand over there.”
He did as she told him to do and walked until she told him to stop. She walked up and grabbed him from behind. She slowly rubbed her hands up and down his chest while she placed her chin on his sturdy shoulder. Madison wasn’t expecting to get lucky on this date tonight, but David’s innocence and naiveté had turned her on so much, and, damn it, she was horny as hell as she hadn’t gotten laid in a long, long time. And, while using her trusted vibrator felt good enough, there was nothing like the incredible feeling of having a man inside of you. And, at that moment, David was man enough for her!
“Were you honest with me that you’ve never been with a woman, David?” she pressed him.
He blushed yet again and nodded his head.
“That’s okay, sweetie.” She rubbed her hand across his sturdy chest. “Everyone’s a virgin.” She kissed his cheek. “Once.”

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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Print Edition Release Day of The Mackenzie-The Trilogy Box Set

The MackenzieThe Trilogy Box Set
Print and  e-book

This epic Highland adventure, by best-selling author H.C. Brown, contains the complete trilogy of books: Charmed, Betrayed and Seduced
Highlander Drew Mackenzie’s double life as a respectable gentleman and the notorious, smuggler, Le Diable Noir, comes into jeopardy the moment Lady Adrianna Beachwood’s father rejects him as a suitor. He devises an ingenious deception to meet her in secret by using his cousin, the respectable, Lord Rupert as a decoy.
Nothing goes to plan and when the feisty goddaughter of George II is thrust into danger, her only chance of survival lies in the hands of her courageous and deliciously handsome Scottish warrior.


Chapter One

Lady Adrianna Beachwood slid into the shadows masking the terrace, her attention captivated on the tall stranger bowing over Lady Bracken’s hand in the receiving line. At last, a gentleman worthy of my consideration. He straightened and bestowed a brilliant smile on his hostess before moving through the reception room in her direction. Sauntering past in elegant glory leaving the expensive fragrance of bergamot in his wake, he astounded her. Dangerously handsome and with the hungry countenance of a wolf, he cast a predatory gaze over the silk encased ladies gathering in the foyer. From the enthusiastic titters beside her and the flutter of fans in her periphery, his perfect proportions, and elegant form had attracted more than a few ladies devotion.
She admired tall men and he was indeed the most stylish of gentlemen. His magnificent broad shoulders fit snugly inside a dark blue jacket nipped at the waist and worn over crisp ivory linen with an overindulgence of lace in the French mode. Her gaze drifted in wanton abandon from his expertly folded silk cravat tucked into a heavily embroidered waistcoat to his breeches cut tight enough to enhance his long muscular legs. Lifting her fan to hide her heated cheeks, she gaped after him. Rather than covering his head with a wig, he had queued his glossy ebony hair at the nape without one trace of powder, yet he certainly appeared to be a devotee to fashion by the cut of his cloth, and the expensive lace at his cuffs.
Her attention matched his swagger in the direction of the ballroom and entranced by his devilish countenance, she stepped into the hallway and followed him along the passageway. She picked up her step, but he sauntered straight past the ballroom without as much as a glimpse within and continued in the direction of the card room. Bother! Adrianna pressed her lips together and stared after him. Determined not to miss the opportunity to catch his eye, she cleared her throat. The temptation of a man stopped abruptly and turned to face her. His languid gaze traveled over her and as he inclined his dark head, the corners of his full mouth twitched into a secretive smile.
A booming voice, announcing the arrival of her father, broke the spell.
“Ah, there you are Adrianna. Why, may I ask do you find it necessary to dally so close to the card room? It is not seemly for a lady to be in close proximity to gamesters, my dear.” He moved to her side then his gaze slid past her and darkened at the sight of the handsome stranger. “Come along, I am sure there are more suitable gentlemen waiting to fill your card.” He offered his arm.
Annoyed by her father’s untimely appearance, she composed her features into a mask of disinterest, and rested one hand on his arm. “I noticed you in the company of Lord Somerton in the receiving room and assumed you would pass this way so I waited for you, Papa.”
His nostrils flared in disgust and he bent his head lowering his voice. His acid tongue lashed over her like a whip.
“You are not a girl on her first come out and should know better than to expose yourself to rakes and ne’re do wells.”
She turned to him aghast. “Oh, Papa, your worry is unfounded. To be sure, Lord Bracken would not allow scoundrels within a mile of Lady Bracken’s soiree.”
Her father raised both eyebrows and peered at her thoughtfully through his quizzing glass.

“Adrianna, your naivety astounds me. It would seem I will have to keep a closer eye on you this evening.” He tucked an errant curl into her chignon with unexpected skill. “Come along, I have arranged for a number of respectable gentlemen to make your acquaintance.”
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