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OUT NOW !!! Banished by H.C. Brown + Excerpt and links

For lovers of dragons, true love and magic.....
The Dragonsong Trilogy.

Banished to the Singing Forest for witchcraft with only her cat for company, alone and desperately afraid Thalia sings to her dream lover, in the hope someone, anyone will help her. 

Lumos enjoys the favors of many women until his dragon hears the Dragonsong of his mate. Consumed with passion for the girl who haunts his dreams, he leaves home to search for her. 

Nothing goes to plan and he falls into a devious trap set by a dark wizard to destroy all of his kind.

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 Dark Magyck -Released 14 August


                                                         Shadow Walkers Released 4 September                                                                                             

Excerpt: Banished

The Kingdom of Broclarre

halia of Broclarre struggled against the guards, her movements as useless as a sparrow in the mouth of a cat. Her shoulders burned, and tendons stretched to the limit threatened to rip from her bones. These men cared less if they tore her arms from the sockets. The hard-faced soldiers, gripping her so cruelly, were unfamiliar and not the usual palace protectors. These men wore the uniform of the king’s elite militia.
“I banish you from the Kingdom of Broclarre, never again to set foot in my kingdom by threat of death.” King Garro lifted his chin, sitting back on the golden throne. “As I have declared this day, so shall it be done.”
In the hallway, an angry crowd had gathered to hear the king’s proclamation. The masses had fallen silent to stand waiting like buzzards over a dead lamb. One of the guards restraining Thalia swore under his breath, and dug his strong fingers cruelly into her arms.
She yelped and turned to face her father.
“Banished?” She stared at King Garro. “Father … please… What have I done to displease you so?”
“Speak no more, witch. Think not to cast a spell over me for I know your wickedness.” King Garro struggled to his feet. His hand rested on the hilt of the gold dagger at his waist. “I took you into my house, treated you as my own, and you repaid me with death.”
Aghast, Thalia gaped at her father in disbelief. “Is that what you believe…? That I had a hand in killing the queen?” She stared at the king’s ashen face. The lines around his mouth cut deep, turning his expression bleak. Had he lost his mind with grief?
Beside him, the High Priest stood erect, his lips curled in a vicious smile. Thalia glared at the man in the crisp white robes. “Did you fill the king’s mind with these lies? I would never hurt my mother.” She met her father’s daunting expression. “I could never do harm to anyone. I am a healer. Ask anyone in the village, I help people.” She pointed at the High Priest. “There! There stands the evil in this palace.”
“To think my dear wife had compassion for your sorry soul.” Garro shook his head slowly. “Her belief a wholesome upbringing would prevent the evil magyck rising in a demon’s seed was the error of a gentle, childless woman.” The king ran a hand over his face. “And she paid with her life.” His black gaze traveled over Thalia, and he gave a snort of disgust. “No more will you breathe the same air as my people.” He punched a fist into the palm of his hand. “If I had not given my word to uphold Brea’s dying wish to set you free, I would have taken your head this day.”

Pain tightened in a wide band around her heart. Confused, she met the king’s enraged expression. The man’s piercing blue eyes looked on her with contempt, disgust, and hatred. The only father she had ever known curled his large hands into fists. This angry man had once loved her, taught her how to hold a bow, and to gentle a horse. Gods help me, now he wants me dead.

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Welcome Alex Carreras

The StepbrotherAvailable 22nd July

  $4.21 $3.15 - Pre-order here 
When Fletcher Crawford returns to his hometown of Sarasota, Florida from New York City, he feels like a total and complete failure. At his mother’s insistence, he applies and consequently gets a job at Ericson Industries as a managerial assistant/slave boy for a woman who seems to be out to get him for no apparent reason. The only perk of the job, besides the paycheck, is being able to work closely with his high school nemesis who also happens to be his high school crush … and future stepbrother. Of all the people his mother could marry, why did it have to be the father of Erik Ericson who grew up to be super successful, have the looks of a Greek god, and is basically running his father’s company while he is making wedding plans with Fletcher’s mother?
But one thing remained the same after all these years, Erik was still a dick… A dick Fletcher wouldn’t mind getting to know better.
Reader Advisory:  This book contains steamy sex scenes between two men with stellar bodies. Consider yourself warned.


“Come in,” Fletcher heard from the other side of the door. Doing what he was asked and closing the door behind him, Fletcher took a few tentative steps and stopped in the middle of the expansive office that was tastefully decorated with a streamlined modern flair. His back to Fletcher, Erik was dressed in a gray suit that showcased his lean but still muscular six-foot-one frame.
“Take a seat,” Erik said, gazing out the window onto the small park behind the building that was dedicated to the memory of Erik’s grandfather who started the company over sixty years ago.
Fletcher had chosen to eat his lunch on a vacant bench, there, yesterday, instead of facing the inquisitive stares and hushed whispers of the employee cafeteria. He hated being the center of attention, unlike the man he was staring at at the moment.
Selecting one of the two seats in front of Erik’s oversized mahogany desk—the only piece of furniture that appeared to be an antique in the room—he sat with perfect posture and waited, dropping his book bag onto the floor beside him.
“Did you have a good night—” Erik began as he turned around to face Fletcher. He stopped midsentence and an unexpected laugh escaped him. “At ease, Private,” he joked. “This isn’t a court-martial. I called you in here to help me out with a something of a delicate nature.”
Fletcher relaxed but only slightly, easing against the back of the chair. “Couldn’t you ask Miss Trible?”
A slow smile spread across his lips. He appeared seductive and downright sexy, his blue eyes breathtaking. Erik shook his head ever so slightly. “I believe you to be a much better candidate.”
“Okay,” Fletcher said, hesitating.
Fletcher watched, as Erik extracted a black velour bag no bigger than the size of his open hand from the top drawer of his desk. Walking around the desk, Erik tugged the silk rope-like cord of the bag open. “Do you mind standing?”
“No,” Fletcher said, almost in a daze. As he stood, he kicked his knapsack.
Erik noticed. “Haven’t seen one of those in a long time. Brings back memories.”
“I thought I would get a more appropriate briefcase after I get paid. You know how it is.” Fletcher attempted to explain his lack of funds,but he doubted that Erik ever felt the pinch of poverty. The man had never been poor a day in his gilded life.
“Mm,” he responded, focusing on the contents of the mysterious velvet bag. “I have something to share, but you have to promise that this will stay between us. If you can’t, I’ll have to ask you to leave and we will forget all about me asking you in here.”
“Is it a wedding gift?” His curiosity piqued, Erik attempted to peek in the bag, but Erik covered the opening.
“You have to promise me.” His voice was a throaty growl.
Swallowing away a lump of lust that had formed in his throat, Fletcher nodded before he even knew he was nodding. “Promise,” he croaked.
Erik’s face relaxed and his eyes glinted with mischief. “I bought this gift for a special friend, but I’m worried I got the wrong size. That’s where you come in.”