Thursday, July 7, 2016

My day, H.C. Brown

A lot of people ask me how I keep track of multiple genre WIP at one time. I use a whiteboard. I've used all sorts of organizers, notebooks, post it notes, programs etc. etc to keep track of ideas, odd scenes, characters names etc. All of them meant loosing my train of thought and leaving the manuscript to look up whatever I needed. As I work on different projects at the same time, I need a memory jog mid sentence sometimes. Going old school and using a whiteboard, works so well. At a glance I get the information/ research, color of someone's eyes etc in a second. It really makes my life easier.

Two new releases on the horizon:

15 July: Insatiable, M/M BDSM

20 September :Master Luke, One Night in a Dungeon Anthology.

Hugs, HC

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