Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ignore Review Trolls

You know one of the most hurtful things a person can do to another is bullying. Of late, it seems being published is the criteria for an attack by bullies on Amazon in particular but they appear on other sites as well. We as authors have endured this on Goodreads by turning the other cheek and leaving. I'm not sure if the people or group doing this have a secret agenda or they are attacking authors to damage sales and/ or reputation. Some of the remarks in reviews are proof the person hasn't read the story. I've seen reviews slamming the author because they don't like the cover, one star, another who gave one star because they didn't like the blurb. Then they get personal, saying the author has no experience in the field and therefore has no right to write the story. They tout themselves as "experts" in the field and by their comments it's obvious they haven't a clue. Allowing reviews without the reader actually purchasing a book gives these trolls the ammunition they need to bully authors.
The problem is, GR and Amazon refuse to remove trash talking, author bullying reviews. I'm not talking about a person who has read a book and didn't like it, that is their honest opinion but a troll writes a review to hurt and belittle.
I've seen and experienced the results of bullying, mainly it causes depression and removes the desire to write. As authors we need to write, its a compulsion. We share our stories, our gift, in the printed word just as our ancestors passed on stories around a campfire before the availability of books.
What can you do if you're being bullied on FB? Go here:
If you're a reader and you want to support your favorite author, post a review. A small thing to do to counteract trolls.

If you're an author, I know its difficult to keep going after a vicious attack but don't let them win. Stay strong and keep writing. Read the hundreds of constructive reviews from genuine readers and don't allow one bad apple to spoil the barrel.
You are not alone.
((((((HUGS)))) HC

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