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Release Day! Lord Byron's Secret Obsession + Steamy Except

Release Day for Lord Byron's Secret Obsession- HOT!!!! M/M, Historical, BDSM+ Blurb
Rather than believing this book is being sabotaged, I have to assume it is so damn hot Amazon have decided not to display the cover and haven't for two months since the pre-release. I do hope my readers will support this book.
It's not released on All Romance and I have no control over that. I have added a list of other distributors below, plus the Amazon one :-)

The cover is now up Thanks Pan Macmillan :-)

Can he regain his lover's freedom?

Lord Byron Wilton leaves England for the Americas after a public argument with his secret lover, Lord David Litchfield. On his return, he finds, Lord David has become an unwilling sex partner for the reprobate Mr. Hale and his cohorts, due to unpaid gambling debts. After Mr. Hale refuses his offer to settle the debts, Lord Byron makes an outlandish and dangerous plan to outwit the trio. He must use every trick in the book, and a considerable amount of his fortune, in an effort to regain his lover's freedom.

Perfect for readers of Bailey Bradford, Ava March and R.G. Alexander.

London, 1769
 A rush of pain radiated from Lord Byron’s clenched teeth and shot into his temples. The burn from over-exertion raged across his shoulders and his sweaty grip slipped on the leather handle of the cane. He gazed down at his lover, savoring the crisscross of red welts marking the porcelain flesh, and the raised handprints on each tender buttock. He bent over the slim figure tied so deliciously on the bench, and licked along each crimson cut. Using his mouth to soothe and caress, he lapped, enjoying the taste of the sweet skin, the rise of gooseflesh under his tongue. The man’s scentof soap mingled with the warm aroma of male sexfilled his nostrils. Tied this way, stretched out with both arms and legs secured, he had complete control over Lord David. The power of dominance surged through him. In truth, he could easily draw blood with his cane if he decided to, yet he loved him, and gave his lover what he craved. In fact, Lord David had become a dangerous obsession.
This brief afternoon of love play had been different from those long nights of bliss they had enjoyed so often before. He needed to conquer him, to take back his role as Master in a relationship teetering on the brink of disaster. With slow, deliberatemoves he stalked around the bench, running the cane over Lord David’s quivering flesh. He stopped at the head of the young man. “Why do you question my loyalty? I will not tolerate such behavior.” He grasped a handful of his long, blond curls and tugged. “Speak.”
“I am jealous, Master.”
Byron brought the birch down in two swift cuts across the damp skin of Lord David’s pristine back. The cry of pain from the prone man sent flames of desire rushing to his cock. Christ, he loved to hear his sweet boy moan. He wanted to punish him and drive any question of his devotion from Lord David’s mind, but reluctantly he threw down the cane. “Of whom are you jealous this time?”
Lord John, Master.” The slave drew a shuddering breath. “I do not want you to continue your friendship with him.”
“When you are tied to my bed, I am the Master.” Byron cupped Lord David’s flushed cheek and stared into cornflower-blue eyes. “I will not tolerate such demands from my slave. If you continue in this manner, I will have no option but to take my leave.” He ground his teeth. “I warn you, do not think to use my devotion as a weapon to manipulate me to your will. If need be, I will take a commission abroad to be rid of you.”
“Byron…I beg you…think of my feelings.”
“You would have me weak?” Byron dropped his breeches. “I think not.”
“No, Master, not weaknever weak.”Lord David’s attention fell to Byron’s shaft and he licked his full lips. “I do not care to share you with Lord John.” He grimaced. “When you are in his company, I fear I will lose you.”
Byron growled. “I regret now confiding my relationship with Lord John to you before we became involved. The man is a dear friendbut you are my lover. If you don’t believe this to be true, the trust you claim to have in me does not exist.” He sighed. “Perhaps it is you that wants to end our relationship.”
“Christ, I would have no other touch me in this way, and you know this to be true.”Lord David poked out his tongue and swiped it across the head of Byron’s cock. He moaned. “I beg your forgiveness.”
“You have my forgiveness, but I cannot allow you to dictate which friends I have. You know I have no desire to liewith any of them. Arguing with me in public has already put us both under scrutiny. Christ, David, we cannot be seen together. The risk is too high. What reason would I have to be in your company?” Byron stroked David’s cheek. “If you cannot trust me,this time we have together, our relationship, will not survive.” Byron groaned. “I care for you deeply but I will not allow you to risk the hangman’s noose because of youthful foolishness. I will not offer you another chance, do you understand?” Byron tugged David’s hair. “Do you?”
“Yes.”David smiled. “Master, will you allow me to pleasure you?I crave the taste of your seed.”
Palming his shaft, he guided it toward his rosy lips and  sighed. The man’s hot, wet mouth surrounded him with absolute bliss. He loved the way David’s flushed cheeks pulled tight with every withdrawn thrust. Later, he would take his tight, hot arse, and hear his intoxicating screams of delight. He could never have enough of his luscious young man. Byron rolled his hips, his hands cradling David’s sweat-soaked cheeks. Lord, he knew how to take him to heaven. Tipping back his head, he plunged deeperinto Lord David’s delightful throat.
This session with Lord David had been brutal. Byron wanted to stamp his authority over the young man. Of late, the possessive nature of his delicious boy had become out of hand.Lord David had grown too demanding. He had no option but to take a stand.His lover’s teeth raked a path up his aching cock and his inquisitive tongue flicked over the sensitive tip. Byron bit back a groan and fell into the darkness of forbidden bliss. His slave’s mouth became a whirlpool of ecstasy, spinning him into an uncontrollable, shattering conclusion. Withdrawing, he drew him into his arms and held him close. “Never forget that I love you.”
“This I know.” Lord David’s face held such an expression of devotion, his heart squeezed. “I love you, too, Byron, and I will try not to disappoint you.”
He stroked Lord David’s sweat-soaked hair. “For once, do as I say. Your jealousy is leading us down a path of damnation.”


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