Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Release !!! Dark Magyck- H.C. Brown Dragonsong Trilogy Part 2

After escaping the clutches of a vampire, Lumos and Thalia travel into the darkest depths of the Underworld in an attempt to release the Firedragon, Pyro. Only he has the ability to free Lumos's magyck.

Time is running out.

Lumos, must return home or forfeit his realm to the rule of Dark Magyck.


Exhausted by her fight to protect Lumos from the Lutwych Hag, Thalia stumbled through the circle of light and into the beautiful realm of Treluna. The instant she set foot on the lush blue-green grass of the Other World realm, a surge of energy replenished her powers and tingled along her nerve endings removing all trace of fatigue. She gaped at beauty more wondrous than any imagination could conjure. Basking below a warm sun, flower-filled meadows flowed down to a rainforest brimming with life. Above, multicolored parrots flew in great swarms, chattering and hanging upside down to lap nectar from an abundance of blossoming trees. She took a long look at Lumos, he glowed in the sunlight, and her stomach gave a little twist. Gods, he was the most handsome man she had ever seen and the way his black leather pants molded his body made her mouth water. She dragged her attention away from him and followed Mino along a path beside a bubbling river then stopped to admire a beautiful, red-spotted doe. The deer observed them with unafraid, chocolate eyes before lowering its head to drink.
“There is my home. My cottage is the one with the red roof.” Mino paused on the edge of a clearing and waved toward a small group of cottages. “I will take good care of your horses and your cat.” He gazed up at Lumos. “I hope you have a sound plan to beat Nehebkau and rescue Pyro. He is the only Dragon I know who has the power to release you outside of Drakka. Although, Nox, the King of the Fae has the power of the ancient’s too, but I doubt you will be able to enter his realm as you are now, Lumos.”
“Aye, without magyck I am unrecognizable as a Dragonfae and will not pass alive into his realm.” Lumos smiled ruefully. “I have given the task ahead much thought and apart from removing this cursed silver, freeing Pyro will benefit all Dragonfae.” Lumos turned to speak to Thalia, his voice, deep and sexy made her toes curl. “Little one, are you ready to go?”
With a sigh, Thalia hugged Brew. “We will come back soon. I want you to behave yourself with Mino and only eat what he says. Do not go hunting Sprites now, will you?” She placed the cat on the ground and turned to Lumos. “Aye, I am ready. My body is positively humming with magyck and my fatigue has vanished.”
“As it should be, we will need to find more magyck realms and you will have to replenish your powers many times before this journey is ended. Draw your circle, Mino.” Lumos took two saddlebags from Argos’s back and flung them over one shoulder. “If we should not return within two days, send a message to my father. Tell him of the Magus’s treachery and ask him to send an army to Rantazmac to aid in our rescue.”
“Two days in the Underworld is two moons in this realm. I will wait this long for you to return, Lumos, before I send the message. You can depend on me, Dragonfae.” Mino drew a circle of light. “May the gods keep you safe from harm.”
The shimmering circle intrigued Thalia. Taking a deep breath, she gripped Lumos’s large hand, and stepped into suffocating darkness.

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