Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why can't you write?

Do you wake up every day with the intention to write and then make  an excuse, any excuse not to sit down and commit ? 
Today, I'm going to look into why this happens and how you can prevent wasting time.

Self- doubt.

First and the most reason is self-doubt in your ability to produce the quality of story a publisher will expect.
To conquer this fear you must take a long hard look at the criticism you've received. Is it warranted  and constructive or have you read a review from a site that bullies authors?

It is a fact of life that not every reader will like your work, just the same as  not everyone enjoys the same TV shows.
Ignore the catty, bullying reviews because  some people out there  get their kicks writing bad reviews in an attempt to ruin sales. There is always that one star review and catty comment in amongst the twenty 5 star reviews isn't there? The problem is it's the one star review we all seem to worry about. You will never please all of the people all of the time, so concentrate on the positives.

Use constructive criticism to your advantage and if you have received feedback from a declined submission use it to your advantage. If a publisher has taken the time to write a personal rejection they think you are worth the time to help. Use this advice to improve your work.

How can you improve?

Join a critique group of PUBLISHED authors.
Join RWA

You are a great writer but you can't get your book published....why?

Get a thick skin and stop looking at your book as your 'baby'.  Publishing is a business and unless you have a story that will sell, very few will take the risk of losing money no matter how well your book is written.

Finding the right publisher.

Horses for courses.....research, research. Take the time to look at a publisher's bestsellers lists to gauge their reader base. If your genre is in the top five, you have a better chance of publication.
Read the submission guidelines and stick to them.
Don't rush. Submitting  an unedited , unpolished manuscript  the moment you have finished is a recipe for disaster. SLOW DOWN....put the document away for two weeks, change the font then read it through again and you will be aghast at the mistakes you find.

Stop making excuses.

Authors lives prevent  writing,  arguments, worry, and family problems are all on the list but the most common is waiting on a submission/ pitch.

To avoid this and "writer's block" which is all of the above  set a time to write within the boundaries of your busy life. If it's Saturday afternoon or every day of the week. Set the time and stick to it  just as you would if you had to work for that number of hours.

Don't allow social media to  creep into your writing time. Promotion is a part of our lives  so set a time limit and stick to will still be there tomorrow.

So you still can't write.

If you have started a story read through the last chapter and this will spark your imagination. If the story is boring you.... it will bore the reader and the acquisitions editor too, so  start a new story.

Always begin a new story the moment you send away a submission....forget about the submission and keep working.
Even if you write one paragraph a day or session it will build your confidence and just write...don't worry about editing. Keep the flow going and you will write better than ever before.

 I've lost my Muse.

Listen to music, read, observe the world, read newspapers  I have found reading submission calls will help as well.

 Relax and a story will form in your mind.

Then's what you do best after all .

H.C. Brown

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