Monday, April 6, 2015

Things in stories that made you go GRRRRRRRRRR.

What drives you mad in a book? What would make you stop reading?
 Some phrases are so overused or misused they pull me out of a story. My pet peeves are:
Quantum leap.........quantum means tiny...nuclear how did this phrase  originated to define a huge leap? Makes no sense at all. I blame the TV show LOL.
 The  worst phrase that comes up over and over again in stories is:
           She let out the breath she didn't know she was holding.
This phrase makes the character look really stupid especially if the character does this repeatedly throughout the story......or everyone in the story does the same thing at one time or another.....If you hold your breath long enough you drop dead. Something a person would notice.
 IMO using the same phrases repeatedly in a story is a lazy way to write and distracting to the max for the reader.
My third pet peeve is when two characters are in a conversation why use the dialogue tag....he replied??????? If he/she is saying something to the other person they are replying......I wish they would use a nice action tag instead.
What annoys you?

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